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Please call or email us with any questions. I am here to help you make your real estate purchase a well informed decision.

Home Inspections – throughout Chicago and Suburbs

The AIC Home Inspection process:

Homebuyers are encouraged to attend the inspection. This helps you become familiar with the home you are purchasing. Photos are included in the report to document areas of concern and general conditions.

  • A typical home inspection takes 2-3 hours onsite, larger homes 4-5 hours onsite, Estate homes can take a full day onsite
  • Inspection reports run 40+ pages depending on conditions encountered and size of the home. Unlike lesser reports, AIC inspection reports not only list defective conditions but also document property components. This information can be very useful in making important determinations.
  • We will email a copy of your inspection report within 24-48 hours. We can also provide a hardcopy or CD of your report at your request.

Please view our “Home Ownership considerations” pdf on this site for helpful information.

Single Family Home Pricing

Single family home inspection prices vary slightly based on size &amp and type. Please see pricing page for current prices

  • Typical 2-3 Bedroom Home –
  • Typical 3-4 Bedroom Home –
  • Typical 4-5 Bedroom Home –
  • Typical 5-6 Bedroom Home
  • Estate Home – Priced upon initial review, size and type

* We can provide specific pricing using an MLS# or address

Discounts are available for multiple home assessments during an ongoing home buying period.

AIC inspects interior and exterior components of the home according to the State of Illinois Standards of Practice.

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1, 2 & 3 bedroom Condominium inspections
Loft style Condominium inspections
Commercial Condominium Units

AIC reports include information about general property conditions. Aging or deteriorated building conditions could necessitate special assessments or other concerns that you as a Unit owner would have to deal with.

For Condo inspections, we inspect the Condo unit itself and observe general building conditions that you as the owner would normally encounter during day to day passage. Parking spaces and storage areas assigned to the Condo unit are also assessed and documented. When inspecting a new Condo building we are attentive to overall building conditions.

The AIC Condominium Inspection process:

Homeowners are encouraged to attend the inspection. This helps you become familiar with the Condo unit itself and the Property you are buying into.

  • Condo inspections are scheduled at the clients’ request.
  • An average size Condo inspection takes 2-3 hours onsite.
  • Reports run 25+ pages depending on conditions encountered and size of Condo
  • Our Condo report includes a “Overall Building considerations” section that identifies general building concerns that you may want to look into. As a unit owner costs for general building concerns would be partly your responsibility. I feel it is important for our clients to have an understanding of some of these potential issues and costs.

Purchasing a Condo can be a good option in homeownership. No yard to mow, no gutters to clean, no outside work to take up your weekends. There are many good reasons why a Condo can be more desirable than a free-standing house.
With some of the advantages also come some disadvantages. You may want to do some additional homework about the building and the Association you will join.

Please view our “Condominium Ownership considerations” pdf on this site for helpful information.

We suggest you obtain copies of Condominium meeting minutes prior to making a final decision about your purchase. The Condo meeting minutes can often times reveal important information about on-going situations at the property that may affect your purchase decision.

Condominium Pricing

  • Typical Studio / 1 Bed Condo – $395.00
  • Typical 2 Bedroom Condo – $425-$450.
  • Typical 3 Bedroom Condo –    $450.-$475.
  • Typical 4 Bedroom Condo –       $495-525.
  • Multi-Level Condo – Priced upon initial review, size and type

* We can provide specific pricing using an MLS# or address

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Before your new Condo association assumes control of the property from the builder:

  • Are you confident your Builder has met all his construction responsibilities?
  • Have City permits been approved and signed?
  • Have contract obligations been met?
  • Does work meet or exceed the Code?

With the increased construction of new Condo buildings and the conversion of vintage rental buildings to Condominium buildings, the need for a comprehensive analysis has become even more important.

Prior to the new Condo Association taking over responsibility for the property from the developer, it is advisable to be certain that all contract and construction obligations have been met by the Builder.

Work that doesn’t get completed properly now will have to be completed at some time, possibly at the Association’s (your) expense.

A Transfer inspection typically requires both inspection services and legal research. Our associate Attorneys can assist in legal matters. Verifying that no liens have been filed against the property by sub-contractors would be one possible issue.

AIC can verify builder completion status for your association to make the transfer smoother and less costly.

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  • What does this violation notice from the City really mean?
  • How do I comply with the Municipal Code?
  • What is Administrative Hearings and how do I get out?
  • Are the practices my contractor is proposing compliant with the Municipal Code?

Navigating City departments and getting the right answers can be an overwhelming task. There are usually multiple options to resolve building code violation issues. The proper solution can depend on occupancy classification, construction classification, ownership and other property conditions.

AIC can provide answers to your Code questions

Municipal notices are written in a format and jargon that can be difficult for property owners to understand. AIC will provide a clear report explaining the violations, their impact and various compliance options.
At AIC we pride ourselves in providing well-informed translation services for our clients.

Knowing the right answers and options for your needs upfront can save you substantial time, cost overruns and project delays. Complying with the Code as soon as feasible is in your best interest.

Complying with the City’s requirements as quickly as possible can eliminate further City inspections or violations, save on attorney costs, and reduce or eliminate fines.

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  • What are some of the pre-sale costs involved in getting my property ready for showings and sale?
  • Are there maintenance or Code issues we should resolve prior to listing the property for sale?
  • What are good, cost effective measures we can take to make our property more appealing to buyers?

Minor maintenance issues, aging or broken components of your home may not seem like a big deal to you. You have become accustomed to these ‘little problems’ because you live with them everyday. You probably don’t even notice such issues anymore.

To a Buyer these minor issues can be a major turn-off due to the perceived cost and hassle involved to resolve the issues. Don’t give buyers reasons not to like your home.
AIC can provide an objective analysis of your Home’s current condition to help make the sale process easier.

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  • Have you ever wondered how the various components of your home function?
  • Why some components are actually installed?
  • What items should be on a maintenance checklist?

AIC can provide you with a Homeowner Training at your very own home. The program consists of a thorough walk-through of the interior and exterior of your home. We will explain the function, condition and maintenance of your home’s components. Items needing repair will be noted. The reasons for annual maintenance of various components will be explained in detail.

Owners are encouraged to ask questions and take notes. Photo and video taking is encouraged to document the event for future reference.

~ 4 total hours of service; 2 Hours onsite at your home; 2 hours report time;
All for for $375.00

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