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Above and Beyond Cost Analysis
Building Code Counseling
Feasibility Studies
Scope of Work Cost Estimates

  • Is our project feasible?
  • Are these proposals from Contractors appropriate for our needs?
  • What are our options, costs and schedules for proceeding with this project?
  • How do we handle negotiating a long-term commercial lease or build-out?

Having ideas & dreams is often the easy part of a project. Implementing those ideas in a successful and profitable manner can be a much more difficult task. If construction and real estate aren’t your primary business, the obstacles can be overwhelming and frustrating. AIC can assist you in assessing the goals of your project prior to start. We can provide alternatives and solutions to minimize risk, reduce costs, and achieve your goal successfully.

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  • New kitchen – Where can we put the sink?
  • Attic addition – Do we need bigger joists?
  • Basement remodeling – Do we need to dig up our concrete floor to run new drain pipes?

These are all important questions to have proper answers for before you start your project. AIC will come to your home and go over construction questions. We will provide a report of issues that should be addressed relevant to your particular project.

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All properties need periodic maintenance and repair. When faced with multiple repair issues on a building, it is vital to understand which repairs may be most crucial and cost effective for now and which repairs can wait a little longer.
AIC can provide an evaluation of your repair schedule that can reduce short and long term costs.

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ABOVE AND BEYOND – the original contract amount

  • Our Contractor says we owe him more money for other stuff we were unaware of. How do we know if this is legitimate?
  • Do you have time to visit the jobsite to confirm change orders have been completed?
  • Do you have the detailed knowledge to assess installed or changed items?
  • Does it really take that long and cost that much to complete my change order request?

Change orders, unforeseen costs, and additional material needs are common during a project. Such additions can dramatically affect the final cost of a project. It can be difficult, but nonetheless vital, to verify that billed labor and material charges are accurate.

AIC can assist you by providing detailed invoice verification. We can verify that the labor charges are within reason and that materials used on the job match materials charged for by the Contractor as additional ‘above and beyond’ costs.

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  • What does this violation notice from the City really mean?
  • How do I comply with the Municipal Code?
  • Are the practices my contractor is proposing compliant with the Municipal Code?

Navigating City departments and getting the right answers can be an overwhelming task. There are usually multiple options to resolve building code violation issues. The proper solution can depend on occupancy classification, construction classification, ownership and other property conditions.

AIC can provide answers to your Code questions

Municipal notices are written in a format and jargon that can be difficult for homeowner’s to understand. We can provide you a clear report explaining the violations, their impact and various compliance options.
At AIC we pride ourselves in providing well-informed translation services for our clients.

Knowing the right answers and options for your needs upfront can save you substantial time, cost overruns and project delays. Complying with the Code is your best course of action.

Complying with the City’s requirements as quickly as possible can eliminate further problems, save on attorney costs, and eliminate fines.

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Feasibility Studies

Working with other seasoned professionals, Accurate Inspections & Consulting can help individuals or organizations determine whether it is commercially feasible to renovate or repair and sell a particular property. Information provided typically includes the following:

  • A detailed description of the condition of the property with photographs;
  • A line-item estimate of the costs to repair;
  • An analysis of the current market conditions in the immediate area; and
  • An estimate of the after-rehab value of the property.

Upon request, AIC can also provide an estimate of feasibility based upon cash flow from rental income.

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Scope of Work – cost estimates

Often times during initial project consideration, incidental construction costs are not fully accounted for. AIC can provide a detailed analysis of projects costs to help you determine final costs.

  • We can conduct a ‘Scope of Work’ analysis with budget line items.
  • A “Scope of Work” is often helpful in determining needed loan amounts, property holding costs and final project outlay.
  • In short, a ‘Scope of Work’ can answer, “Is the building financially feasible?”

Cost estimates are provided in Excel using material cost estimates, prevailing Cook County wage rates or Davis-Bacon wage rates as applicable. Standard street pricing for various trades can also be used upon request.

AIC can provide investigative inspections and infrared thermal imaging scans to help determine sources of water intrusion.

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