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  • What does this notice from the City mean?
  • What is Housing Court?
  • How do I comply with the City of Chicago Municipal Code?
  • Are the practices my contractor is proposing compliant with the Municipal Code?

Navigating Building department requirements and getting the right answers can be an overwhelming task for a property owner. Resolving compliance violations isn’t always a simple answer. There are usually multiple options to resolve building code violations. The proper solution can depend on occupancy classification, construction classification, ownership and other property conditions.

AIC can provide answers to your Building Code and compliance questions

Municipal notices are written in a format and jargon that can be difficult for property owners to understand. AIC can provide you a clear report explaining the violations, their impact and various compliance options.
At AIC we pride ourselves in providing well-informed translation services for our clients.

Getting the right answers upfront to resolve your violation notice problems can save you substantial time, cost overruns and project delays. Complying with the Code and City requests as soon as feasible is in your best interest.

Complying with the City’s requirements as quickly as possible can eliminate further City inspections, save on attorney costs, and reduce or eliminate municipal fines.

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Larger Multi-unit & Commercial Building assessments are priced based on size and type.

Larger properties may require initial assessment prior to pricing. Initial assessment cost will be applied to the full inspection cost as a credit upon hire.

Clients are encouraged to attend the inspection. However we understand on investment properties this is not always convenient or possible. As an investor, your time to visit each property may be limited. AIC will be your trusted eyes and ears at the property.

AIC will provide you with accurate and insightful details about your potential investment. We are here to assist in making your decision a more informed one.

  • Building inspections are scheduled during daylight hours, 6 days a week
  • Reports typically run 60+ pages depending on conditions encountered and size of property.
  • Construction costs are based on Davis-Bacon or local prevailing wage rates as applicable. Other standards can be used as requested.

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  • Tired of tenants saying it was broken when they moved in?
  • Tired of not getting your money back for tenant damages due to lack of documentation?

Prior to MOVE-IN

AIC can conduct an inspection of the unit prior to the new tenant Move-in to document existing apartment conditions to provide a formal record for future reference upon tenant move-out.


AIC can provide documentation & photographs of damage to the apartment and components. This can reduce disputes and increase cost recovery.

For a nominal charge, AIC can provide a report and pictures documenting surface conditions prior to move-in or turnover.


  • Typically $175-$225 per unit
  • Larger units may be priced higher
    Recurring inspection agreements can be negotiated at reduced rates

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