Inspection & Assessment Pricing


Type Price
Studio or 1 Bed $365.00
2-3 Bed $425.00
3-4 Bed, Duplex $425.00-$495.00
4+ Bed $525.00-$675.00
Duplex & Penthouse $495 and up

* We can provide specific pricing using an MLS# or address


Type Price
2-3 Bedroom $425-495.00
3-4 Bedroom $525-$585.00
4+ Bedroom $625.00-$685.00

All single family home pricing subject to change based on size, type of house, additional amenities or mechanical systems

Type Price
Large City or Suburban home $725.00-$950.00 and up
City 2 Flat $645.00
City 3 Flat $745.00
4 Unit Building $865.00

Estate and upper bracket Homes – priced upon review, Pricing will depend on overall size, number of mechanical systems and amenities

AIC can also coordinate Mold, Radon and Termite inspections during the home inspection process upon request.


Costs can vary and be negotiated depending on building type, size and client objectives. Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Type Price
IR Scans for Water intrusion $275.00+
Minimum Charge per Site Visit Verbal Consulting $225.00-$395.00
Minimum Charge per Site Visit Consulting and Written Report $425.00-$695.00
Includes: Initial assessment, Consulting, Code and project evaluation, Defect investigation, etc.
Expert Witness Hourly Base Rate varies depending on type of case, location and overall services requested
Please call to discuss your case, options and potential costs
Includes: Litigation, Housing Court, Administrative hearings, Deposition, travel, etc. Additional costs and rates apply to this type of work. We can provide a PDF detailing ‘Expert Witness’ services and a related costs.


Priced depending on building size, type and client goals

Type Price
Typical cost range for small buildings $800 – $1400
Typical cost range for mid-sized buildings $1500-$2000+
Larger Buildings Priced on size, number and type of systems and client reporting needs
Initial assessment cost for pricing proposal and evaluation $175.00 – $225.00
This cost will be credited towards the proposal amount and deducted from the final invoice We strive to keep billed hours reasonable for both parties

* Discounted rates available for multiple or ongoing inspection programs. All hourly services billed port to port.