How to hire a contractor

How to Hire a contractor Hiring a contractor can be a daunting task for many homeowners.  Contractors aren’t known for their bedside manor; homeowners feel intimidated; and contractor lingo can be confusing. Hiring the right contractor is about a lot of common issues that will be covered in this article. …

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Home Inspector deal killer

THE ‘DEAL KILLER’ HOME INSPECTOR ‘Deal Killer’ is a common term used by some real estate agents, developers and contractors to describe a particular home inspector. The term itself is obviously meant in a derogatory manner. The implication is that it is the home inspector that causes a particular real …

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Proposed CMU Ordinance – City of Chicago

This post is about the development of a proposed City of Chicago ordinance for a new disclosure form during the transfer of real property involving new and existing buildings containing any amount of CMU construction. This is an ongoing project with contributions by numerous professionals.

Condominium Reserve Study

Knowing and understanding your Condo building conditions can go a long way in saving assessments, improving building conditions and increasing resale equity. This article may help you understand why.

Is this House a good investment?

Whether a particular house is or isn’t a good investment is a complicated question that shouldn’t just be viewed from a money standpoint. Of course, its always about the money. It’s also a quality of life issue for you and your family. Read the details …

AIC Question and Answer

We’ve created this section to answer home related questions you may have. Whether you have questions about your current home purchase, the home inspection process or dealing with maintenance or rehab issues in your existing home, feel free to ask. We will answer your questions as best possible. To ask …

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Buying a Condo in Chicago

CONDOMINIUM OWNERSHIP CONSIDERATIONS Ask for copies of the last few Condominium Association meeting minutes. The meeting minutes can often times be very revealing about building conditions, ownership concerns or upcoming repair costs at the property. Ask for all information as required by Section 22.1 of the Condominium Act. Your attorney can …

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Home buying in Chicago

BUYING A NEW HOUSE IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO OWNERSHIP CONSIDERATIONS Water & Sewer bills: In the City of Chicago the bill comes twice a year. Bill payment varies in the suburbs. The bill may be due monthly, quarterly or semi-annual. Check with your local village to have service put …

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Should I buy this House?

The Home Inspection process and the question of whether or not you should buy a particular house. Often times an inspector gets asked, ‘Should I buy this house?’ This seems like a reasonable question. It is however a question I cannot responsibly answer. This question is much bigger than just …

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