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  • What does this violation notice from the City mean?
  • Administrative Hearing assistance
  • Housing Court services
  • Expert witness services

Accurate information is often the key to success when navigating local administrative hearings or housing court for building code violations. This arena can often be frustrating and time consuming.

AIC can assist you in making the process more manageable and successful. We can analyze your particular situation and provide recommendations, hands-on solutions and expert witness testimony. Having an inspector on your side can often make these matters end quicker and better.

For Attorneys: When defending your client, you strive to provide the best results. AIC can provide you and your client documentation and expert witness testimony to help you achieve the goals of your case.

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  • What types of capital improvements should be done upon purchase?
  • How much of a rehab loan should I consider to cover necessary capital improvements?
  • Beyond the initial purchase cost, what are the immediate maintenance repairs?

‘Scope of Work’ – for major areas of concern or remodeling

‘Scope of Work’ bid sheets & consulting – based on architectural plans for major remodeling or new construction

Option 1- Hourly rate – billed as agreed upon throughout project.
Min. / Max. cost range provided at outset.
* Works best with projects where the entire scope of the project has not been fully defined

Option 2- Project based cost – % of entire project cost.
* Works best on jobs with approved plans and budgets

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  • Storefront conversions
  • “Vanilla box” assessments
  • Commercial Condo purchases
  • New or existing mercantile units

‘Information on local licensing and permit issues is provided as part of the report as applicable to help you analyze your options.

Light commercial inspections follow the ASTM 2018 standard as applicable.

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Progress inspections can address the following issues:

  • Is the contractor building what we are paying for?
  • Does work in progress match the blueprints?
  • Is completed work compliant with the Municipal Code?

New construction inspections:

  • Communication between the owner and contractors is vital to running a smooth jobsite AIC works diligently to resolve any misunderstandings among the parties
  • A full set of stamped architectural plans is necessary
  • We will notify you of progress and changes throughout the project
  • We will notify you of progress and changes throughout the project
  • We can provide any inspection quantity as you request. Please note that fewer inspections will make verifying compliance more difficult.
  • AIC is committed to ensuring that your building is built as requested, compliant and safe

Our full service construction inspection program includes:

  • Periodic scheduled and un-announced jobsite inspections
  • Concise reports of existing conditions for each inspection
  • Meetings with client to discuss areas of concern
  • Contract and payment review
  • Approximate completion rates of inspected areas
  • Analysis of quality of workmanship

We can also attend meetings with the client, contractors and relevant parties as necessary.

New construction inspections follow ASTM E-2018 standards ‘Property Condition Assessment Baseline’
Inspections and compliance recommendations are based on blueprints provided, local code compliance needs and contract documentation provided by Client.

NOTE – Official code compliance can only be determined by municipal inspectors.

For homeowners:

  • Is the contractor building what we are paying for?
  • Does work in progress match the blueprints?
  • Are there better material or performance options?

AIC can provide single inspections at any phase of remodeling or multiple inspections at key completion times. Inspections are based on blueprints provided and local code compliance.

  • Option 1- Hourly rate – billed as agreed upon throughout project.
    Min. / Max. cost range provided at outset.
  • Option 2- Project based cost- % of entire project cost.
    * works best on jobs with predetermined plans and budgets for consulting
  • Option 3- Ongoing Inspections based cost
    * works best for construction & safety inspections

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  • Should we pay the contractor at this time?
  • Has the Contractor completed the work claimed?
  • Are there issues to resolve prior to payment?

An accurate and unbiased assessment can help you approve payments with confidence.

Once construction has commenced AIC can review draw requests from contractors. We can arrange meetings with the contractor or his representative at the jobsite to verify that work has been completed as outlined either in contract documents or blueprints.
When we have established that the work has been completed in a satisfactory manner according to contract, AIC can provide a report verifying completion per your specifications.

AIC will provide a clear report of:

  • Phase or area completion rate
  • Adherence to contract specifications
  • Defects found and possible options
  • Permit signature review

We can also attend meetings with the client, contractors and relevant parties as necessary to work through discrepancies. Re-inspections to confirm and document the correction of deficiencies or discuss options can be arranged for an additional cost.

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  • Where is that water coming in?
  • How do we properly repair these defects for long term success?
  • How do we fix a problem when we aren’t sure what the root causes area?

AIC can provide investigative inspections and infrared thermal imaging scans to help determine sources of water intrusion.

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  • What does this violation notice from the City really mean?
  • How do I comply with the Municipal Code?
  • Are the practices my contractor is proposing compliant with the Municipal Code?

Navigating City departments and getting the right answers can be an overwhelming task. There are usually multiple options to resolve building code violation issues. The proper solution can depend on occupancy classification, construction classification, ownership and other property conditions.

AIC can provide answers to your Code questions

Municipal notices are written in a format and jargon that can be difficult for homeowner’s to understand. We can provide you a clear report explaining the violations, their impact and various compliance options.
At AIC we pride ourselves in providing well-informed translation services for our clients.

Knowing the right answers and options for your needs upfront can save you substantial time, cost overruns and project delays. Complying with the Code is your best course of action.

Complying with the City’s requirements as quickly as possible can eliminate further problems, save on attorney costs, and eliminate fines.

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